Message from Alex

If you remind me of myself when I was your age, I want to give you my knowledge, experience, interview skills and network.


10 years ago in a winter night, I was telling myself I would ace the interview next day for my first IBD interview in my life. 24 hours later, I couldn’t feel any worse than all of my failure combined. Since then, I vowed to make myself a better candidate. 1 year later in a rainy December day in London, I went to 3 final rounds and secured offers from Bain, BofAML and DB IBD offers on the same day. After few years in the industry, I realized my true passion is to coach younger “me” on their path of their dream careers. I have been helping 250+ students and still counting.


In AW Coaching, you will get all the resources I possess. I dedicated my career to develop yours. We will exchange emails on daily basis and schedule coaching session weekly. You will have my personal cellphone number and I will always stand by you. After your graduation, you will not only secure a great career path. You will have a life-long friend and coach.



4000 coaching hours, 3000 interviews, 1000 offers, 300 alumni and recommended by 170+ on LinkedIn in 10 years across I-Bank (IBD, S&T, Research, PB, AM etc.) and beyond, all by Alex Wong



Dedicated Full-time to develop your career, tie your career success to his own. Based in ICC. 1 working day email turnaround and always a phone call away.

About Alex Wong

Alex Wong is an experienced career coach for university students. Since 2009, under his 1 to 1 coaching, 300+ students secured 1000+ offer from top investment banks, consulting firms and MT Programs. 170+ high flyers openly recommended Alex on LinkedIn.

Prior to his coaching career, he worked at Bain and JPMorgan and secured multiple offers in IBD, Consulting and Sales and Trading. During the past 10 years,  Alex has organized in 130+ events with HKU, CUHK and UST.  He logged 5000+ coaching hours and coached regularly at HKUST MBA. He was also a guest writer for efinancialcareers.

1-1 Relationship


 Team up with Alex Wong, no one else. Avg. 2 years coaching, conference calls,  weekly meeting, daily emails. Result-based fee cultivate long term and intimate relationship. 


“...What impresses me most is the amount of devotion he gives to each student, how well he understands me as a person, and how he cares about my career as if his own. Having Alex as career coach is more than just knowledge and skills in job hunting..."

UST Student, BAML IBD Offeree