Dedicated Full-time to develop your career, tie your career success to his own. Telecommute to you. 1 working day email turnaround and always a phone call away.
100% Devoted


AW Coaching is Alex's full-time career. For him, coaching is not only a passion, but also a dedication. He treats his students' career like his own, which is why he made coaching his career and define his career achievement by his student’s career achievement.


He understands every student's' career requires continuous attention throughout the university career, from beginning to the end of the recruiting seasons. It’s not uncommon for he to schedule weekly meeting with his students and exchange email daily.

Students as #1 priority


Students joined AW Coaching because they trust that when in need, Alex will be there.


This is exactly why sometimes student's phone gets a response from Alex just 1 minute after sending an email about an urgent interview to him. This is also the reason why Alex make sure his phone is of good reception all the time, in case of urgent phone calls from students in need. Alex enjoys meeting with coachable, motivated students to plan and take actions that lead to a great career.

Systematic & Intimate 


Coaching includes everything that helps your career development, such as career options analysis, CV planning, CV and Cover letter writing, application essay advisory, interview Q&A, mock interview, offer handling & internship support.


At every stage, Alex wants to get involved. He knows every one of your interviews and prepares with you. He know exactly what you will say in interviews down to each word, sometimes even better than you do. To him, it is more than an interview. It is a life-altering event that his students trust him with.

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