5000 coaching hours, 4000 interviews, 1000 offers, 300 alumni and 170+ LinkedIn endorsement in 10 years across I-Bank (IBD, S&T, Research, PB, AM etc.) and beyond, all by Alex Wong
Proven Record


Under Alex's coaching, 300 students have secured 1000+ offers in the past decade. 170+ openly recommended Alex.


Example of the offers including but not limited to Goldman Sachs IBD, GIR, S&T, BAML IBD, S&T, GTS, DB IBD, S&T, Research, UBS IBD, Risk, MS S&T, Research, IBD, HSBC GBM, PB, Citi IBD, ICG, Mckinsey, BCG, Bain, Google, BlackRock, Silverlake, Bridgewater, Fidelity, Bloomberg and countless many other offers. Most of the students in the Coaching Program knew Alex from coachee's referral.

Experience and Network


Build on Alex's previous background at Bain and JPMorgan, reinforced by 4000+ interviews and 5000+ coaching hours that he and his 300 students went through, he developed in-depth understanding across sectors, interviewers and candidates. He is not only experienced in the industry, but also coaching students to win offers.


Apart from this wealth of knowledge, he has 300+ AW Coaching alumni who has become the collective knowledge to back you up across industries.

Made in HK, made for HK


95% of Alex’s students are aiming for Banking & Finance industry in Hong Kong. The same application and interview process that Alex has gone through for 10+ consecutive years enable him to develop exceptional understanding of candidate potential, interview strategy and employer’s hiring practice and criteria.


With the 5000+ cumulative coaching hours, Alex is opinion leader and was invited regularly to speak at HKU, CUHK and HKUST incl. MBA programs. He was also a guest writer on & is based in ICC HK.

“Alex knows the recruitment process inside out. He not only knows various assessment procedures thoroughly, e.g. case interviews, assessment center, behavioral interviews, but can also give you the perspective of the employer, helping you to stand out from the massive pool of applicants. ”

CUHK Student, BCG Offeree